Travel and Parkinson’s

After a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, there is often a period where  you  are scared and unsure of what the future will bring but if you take an attitude of education and exercise, there can be many great years ahead.   At some point however, we all slow down and then there is a “new normal” to accept.

Medication and treatment options continue to improve but all have side effects.  A phenomenon that is somewhat unique to Parkinson’s is that there is often a period of ups and downs of effectiveness of the medications.  This means that I could be walking fine at 9am but shuffling my feet at 11am, especially if I’m a few minutes late with medication.  Taking medicine on time, with no skipped doses is critical for someone with Parkinson’s. 

For friends and relatives of people with Parkinson’s ,  you need to be observant and patient.  If you see us slowing down, mention it. If we ask you to wait a few minutes until our meds kick in, be patient.  Most of all, watch the overall picture, travel plans may need to be adjusted, etc. but the goal is to Live Well With Parkinson’s. 

From Gloria Friedman, Shorelines May 2022


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