References for Living with Parkinson’s Disease

There are many sites about Parkinson’s Disease. I am presenting a list of some that have been useful to me in my journey with Parkinson’s . If you find any errrors or if you want your site removed, please email me.

Gloria Friedman

Especially for Newly Diagnosed

Gail Perdham, a retired librarian, presents 10 pages of websites that she has use dot understand her husband’s condition

I prepared this list of trivia and not so trivial items to help you “live better” once you’ve been given a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

Note there are three versions, this is the Florida one I believe. There is also a general one and a Southern Tier NY version

Speakers : Sherry Picker, MSW Paradise Home Health Care. Sherry Picker is a Social Worker with Paradise Home Health Care. Website 

Candy Cohn, Oasis Senior Advisors  Website Email  

Becky Dieter. Oasis Senior Advisors Email 

References for All

I can’t start to describe the wealth of information here. From basics to information for medical professionals. Parts of their sites is highlighted on other pages herein.

Michael J Fox Foundation’s goal is to find a cure. They sponsor a clinical trial finder and do fund raising.

Parkinson Voice Project trains speech therapists to work with people with Parkinson’s.

Larry Gifford is an amazing “storyteller” He, his wife and sometimes his young son, produce a podcast about twice a month and they “tell it as it is” for them, a couple in their 50’s, raising a child and dealing with this disease

Upcoming Programs

Links to recommended programs

Parkinson Foundation Caregiver Summit was Saturday May 16, 2020. You can watch the recorded version on the link above. Next year will hopefully be a mixture of on-site and remote education. Next year’s Summit will in may 2021

The World Parkinson Coalition sponsors the World Parkinson Congress every three years. They have been held:

Washington DC (2004): Olso, Norway (2010); Montreal,Canada (2013); Portland, Oregon (2-16);

Kyoto, Japan (2019)

This unique conference attracts 3500-5000 people from around the word. It is the only conference of it;s type that includes doctors, researchers, authors, patients, caregivers and students. The 2022 Conference is scheduled for July 9 2022 in Barcelona Spain

Programs During Shelter at Home 2020

This link goes to their general site. THe page for the remote classes changes each week so search for “remote classes” or call them directly,

This link goes to their general site. The page for the remote classes changes each week so search for “remote classes” or call them directly,