Valencia Shores
Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological disease.  It is being diagnosed with increased frequency and research has  identified seven markers, some prevalent in Ashkenazic Jews.   Most medical professionals will tell us that people don’t die from Parkinson’s but rather they die with Parkinson’s.  Education for the person with Parkinson’s, their caregiver and family is the key to coping with this disease.

December Meeting

Sunday December 5, 1pm in classroom or zoom

Please join us this Sunday (December 5) at 1:00PM. Kaitlyn Zielasko will speak on Pain: What to ignore and what to take seriously. The meeting will bein the social hall classrioom at 1pm. Please register by clicking the link berlow. You may select an optional Zoom link when registering.

Meeting ID: 818 1628 6964

Passcode: 842442

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