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Valencia Shores Monday October 17 4:30-6pm in the Social Hall Classroom

Southern Tier Parkinson’s Group September 15 1:30 to 3 at theo SIlver Spoon Cafe

Topic (for both)

The battle to eliminate Parkinson’s. We will review the Call to Action by the PDAdvengers. The
mission of the PDAvengers is to end Parkinson’s. You can view their document before the meeting

Valencia Shores

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Montour Falls

Upcoming meeting dates at the Silver Spoons Café in Montour Falls or via Zoom:

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Greetings from Gloria Friedman

I have had Parkinson’s Disease since 2004.  While most people are surprised with this diagnosis, we learn to deal with a “new normal”.  Only about 10% are attributed to heredity so most people who are newly diagnosed have lots of questions.   I hope to provide information and direction through this website.    This website will also serve as a home-base for the Southern Tiers NY Support Group.
If you are beginning on this journey or even if you’ve had Parkinson’s a long time, I hope that you can find the information to help you LIVE WELL WITH PARKINSON’s.

EDUCATION AND EXERCISE, along with the right medical team are the key.


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