Review of “Shaky Hands” by Dr Soania Mathur

This  book  is a great addition to our library of Parkinson’s literature.   I’ve already sent a copy to my adult children..  My daughter questioned it and I said no, it’s not for the 2 and 5 year olds, it’s for  you and your husband to read and hopefully be more understanding  of what we are experiencing.  In my case, my PD symptoms started in 2004 and the kids were in college and pretty much out of the house.  If my mother was still alive I would have sent her a copy.  She ws not highly educated and every few months she would say “so and so” has Parkinson’s  and make it sound like it’s the end of the world so I kept telling her it was a spine problem,  Finally I’m buying a copy for my physical therapists.  The location I attend specializes in Parkinson’s and other moving disorders but they just don’t seem to understand that the body they see at 1pm that can jump and do crunches and lift weights is not the same as 1pma

In my opinion, Dr. Mathur did a remarkable job of describing the whole gamut of symptoms that can appear and about how things change. 

As I mentioned, I’ve had Parkinsons for 16 years and I hope my kids gain understanding from this book that I haven’t been able to explain and as a result have a better relationship with them and our granddaughters for as long as possible.